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    Eye Problems?

    I normally dont post new articles, just asking C++ questions in the programmign section. But I ran acrossed this article and thought it was interesting.
    Spending hours staring at a computer screen may raise the risk of glaucoma, a progressive eye disease that can lead to blindness, scientists believe.
    The results emerged from a study in Japan of 10,000 workers with an average age of 43. It found a statistical link between heavy computer use and eye problems that presage glaucoma. The problems were more common among staff with existing vision defects such as short-sight or long-sight.
    Kind of scary, cuz I have fairly bad eyes and they always seem to get worse with every visit to the doctors office. :-\
    Here a link to the full article


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    I really hope they find a way to combat that lol cuz i stare at a computer screen all day with school and work...
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    Lol... yea, but i guess its just like when TV first came out about being brainwashed... hehe, but the simpsons prove that we all came out just fine

    Im sure regular checkups and proper prescriptions will keep everything out of harms reach.

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    Could there be truth in looking at porn and (umm yeah) could make you go blind. That could explain the computer thing.

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