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Thread: weekly checks?

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    weekly checks?

    I'm running the up to date firefox but i still scan my comp at least once a week with a couple of programs. So my question to the masses is what programs and system checks do you run regularly. I personally run Ad Aware; Spy-Bot search and destroy; and spy sweeper. Even though i use IE extremely little (my schools slideshow presentations) i still find my share of crap on my system. So any suggestions and what do you run?

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    Ditto here, firefox will help with a lot of browser hijackings, I run AV, adaware, and HijackThis on a weekly basis. We also do network virus scans and windows updates every friday morning.
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    In my expirience, those apps should take care of most things you will find.

    What you have to look at is what is it that these maleware scanning apps are finding. I've noticed that those apps will often find cookies and things like that.

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    stop going to all them pr0n pages.... j/k. I run adaware, spybot, and stinger about once every two weeks. and have my av and sygate firewall going constantly, including registry protection through sygate. I find MAYBE 10-15 cookies when I scan. very rarley will I find an app or reg key. I also periodicly check my task manager and make sure nothing that shouldnt be running is.
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    i just run ad-aware every two weeks, otherwise i only scan when i see something wrong.....
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    adaware about once a week, various disk tools (i.e. fsck on bsd, defrag on windows etc... whenever I get the urge) and Retina or nessus against all my boxes once a month to ensure all is well.

    Oh, and of course I have PRevx running which alerts me to changes, and Sygate personal firewall on my windows boxes.
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    If you keep Spybot current you may have noticed Tea Time. This is a registry sentry. If something is being written to the registry it launches and asks you to allow or deny the entry. It is a little annoying when you are installing or uninstalling an app. But it is much less annoying than scrubbing your registry.

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