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Thread: Small Network Setup Help.

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    Smile Small Network Setup Help.


    Great site you have here(i really like the concept of a point-giving community).

    My mother has a small business with 5 computers,wich she wants on
    a file-sharing network.She has received a qoute(from profesionals)
    for about $150.
    $150 is redicilous since I have already bought and installed
    all the network-cards, we have already bought,and positioned,
    the network-cables aswell as the HUB(8-port),thus, all that they have to do is
    install/set-up the software.

    2 of these computers run WinXP,
    2 runs on Win98
    and 1 on Win2k.
    I have the knowledge to install/configure a purely Win98 network to
    work properly....but I lack knowledge, and experience, of WinNT-systems
    and NT-networks.

    I have set all the pc's to be on a
    workgroup(via "my computer"-properties/network identification). The computers doesn't pick each
    other up. I tried out the "domain"(I have never worked with it before)
    type network but I get a error saying
    that "the domain does not exist or could not be contacted".

    I would really like to use the "workgroup" feature, do you have any advice?
    Am i missing a step?
    Must the network be on a "domain", if so, how can i set a domain up??
    Any extra details will happily be supplied.

    (Please excuse my spelling)

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    You could try on the XP boxes..creating local accounts for the uses (so they have access to any shares)...all users that access the WORKGROUP will need an account on the XP Machines

    And in the TCP\IP properties...enable netbios over TCP\IP.

    Make sure they are all in the same workgroup...and staticly assign each machine with a unique IP address.

    XP does not support NETBUEI...the old protocol that was used for workgroups.

    Also remeber that the 98 machines may take a while to "refresh" the network neighbourhood.

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    To have Windows 98 Machine see a Windows XP WorkGroup, you need to enter Windows XP CD into the Windows 98 Machine and ask him to upgrade the network of your windows 98 machine. And on both machine, 98 and xp, have the Netbios protocol install. Good Luck
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    Exactly what SDK said, when you tell XP to set up a network you can 1. make a network floppy disk, or 2. use the XP cd to install all the protocals that 98 will need. You should also have shares available if you plan on sharing a printer, fax, ect... Try doing a search for the IP address of the computers you need to connect to. Some times Windows needs to search out the computers, because sometimes the PCs wont notify the other computers out there that its in the same network. So try the search and once you see the IP and click on it you will need to log into the computer. Even though you have set up the network, technicians still have a lot of things that need to happen, and lets not forget that they have to travel to your home to do this. So $150.00 is a steel. I charge $100.00 just for software issues, and that doesnt included travel.

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    you said that you have a knowledge in win98 network configuration, you wont be having a hard time in win xp its the same principle for home networks configurations just go to control panel and then choose the network icon to configure your LAN settings.

    In your workgroups just use a single name for your workgroups ( I use the MAIN for my workgroup computers in my cybercafe). After deciding for the name of your workgroup go to My Computer icon (using right click) choose properties click computer name then change your workgroup name. (for win xp & 2000).

    I hope this helps.

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    You may want to check these out as well.


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