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    Yeah, I've got something good to say, atleast JP isn't posting as much as he used to.

    You will admit though that things looked alot better, even with the ads, things looked much better before people started implementing things such as "the thread AP system" which is basicly nothing but a large annoying row of letters spanning the top portion of my browser when I view threads.

    I've given people tech-support here and made them look like idiots in the proccess and you've signed up here in what would seem like a week ago... I have a right to complain about this site's new frankenstien-ish half play-doh'-container half blue thingie look has. And really even that is not such a big problem either... making colors match could easly be fixed... I however don't think that certian things should randomly be added then un-improved and ignored within the year or two that JupM has owned the site and has had the chance to make things look better. We have things here that most members never knew was even on the site.

    I mean, look around you man, why in the hell do we need two search bars cluttering things up. Look closely through that mess on the bottom of this page or else you might miss what im talking about.

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    Originally posted here by Tiger Shark
    *COUGH* Are you suggesting the old ones are becoming addled??????
    LOL, no, I'm saying we have lost many a great mind, and are gaining too many not so great minds, and it would be nice to get some new great minds. Wow that's a lot of minds.
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    I daren't even ask....
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    I think the term "codger" could apply?
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