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Thread: a windows ME strange error ???

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    a windows ME strange error ???

    Hello hello!!!
    Long time no see u guys
    Hows evryone doing?

    Hers the deal:

    I recently had problems with the pcs over here, hardware changes, OSīs etc.. and i built a machine just for gameplay (Old games, DOS games basicly etc..) with windows ME (cause 98SE and ME English versions doesnt accept the US Robotics cable modem driver... ), anyway, i installed it just a few hours ago, got the updates (compared to XP its a joke lol) and have all the drivers correctly configured to this hardware equipment.

    The thing is, i just noticed that i cant create folders..when i right click a folder it should give the option to create a new folder or when i click file - new ...i mean, it doesnt appear that option...what the bloody hell is going on?

    (I guess im just not used anymore with the ME errors :P, i didnt remembered how it used to be in those days..the worst M$ OS..still..the only old one that supports the hardware on this machine..)

    Can anyone help me out with this?

    Thanx alot ppl
    Cheers to evryone!!

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    Owmen old chap,

    Now you listen up very closely..............Microsoft did not sign the Asiento Treaty, US Robotics did not sign the Asiento Treaty............we will have to deal with them later............

    When you go into Microsoft Explorer, please remember to select "my computer" or whatever with ONE left click...........so it goes blue...........

    Then go to the toolbar at the top and select "file" then select "new" then select "folder"............take it from there (you will be asked to rename it)

    Same idea for files?

    Otherwise down the bottom...<start>, <run> "winfile" then "enter"

    Remember to highlight your target with a single left click

    And send me a pm to explain what problems you have had?..............after all, the Asiento Treaty is the oldest alliance in the Western World?............and I am talking military, not antipoints


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