So I'm mucking about in my task manager this evening trying to get an old dos game to run on this box, and I find a file - Runservice.exe - that I wasn't sure about. Innocent looking as it was, I figured I was being paranoid, so I fired up Spybot and Adaware, and found nothing. Then being the good nosey kinda techie I am, I pull up my trusty Winpatrol window and look up the details on the file - sure enough, no author, no info.

This raised a *huge* red flag - so I googled it - to find, at this location -

runservice.exe description:
eLicense, licensing system incorporated with some software and games.

File runservice.exe removal: WARNING!!! File runservice.exe is related to spyware. This is serious violation of your privacy, your system is under security threat.
We advice you to scan your computer and eliminate possible threats.
oops. Hmm. wonder where I picked that little nasty thing up.

Before I go through the routine of removing it, I'm curious if anyone can post me some more detailed information on this file other than 'it's related to spyware' - what does it do, what's the correct technique for removing it, are there innoculations out there, who wrote the bloody thing in the first place?

Many thanks!