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Thread: PCI adapters supported by RIS???

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    PCI adapters supported by RIS???

    How do I know what kind of PCI adapters are supported by RIS service?

    Is there any special utility to check this?

    This is in regards to a Windows 2000 Pro operating system.

    Any help would be appreciated

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    As far as I know, RIS will work on any network card, since you can create an RIS bootdisk if your NIC lacks BOOTP support.
    You can read more at:
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    Thanks for the info:

    Actually researched it a bit more on the website you provided and found that
    the list of supported adapters can be viewed while running the RBGF.exe utility

    That is in the Remote Boot Disk Generator window there is an Adapter
    list which shows you a list of all supported adapters.

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