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    The added storage is the last major piece of an upgrade to Hotmail that MSN began in late June, Richardson said. Other additions announced Thursday were a photo-sharing feature and support for country-code domain names.

    Hotmail is following a storage race among Web-based e-mail providers. Yahoo Inc. earlier this week increased its free mail storage to 250MB after an earlier boost to 100MB. Google Inc. started the trend when it launched its beta of Gmail with a gigabyte of free
    New Hotmail users will get the storage in two steps. They first will receive 25MB of e-mail storage as MSN verifies that the accounts are for legitimate senders of e-mail and not spammers, Richardson said. After 30 days, they will gain the full 250MB of storage.
    ya how cool is that ,first we wait for like 3 months to change to 250mb and now one month more and a email notification

    Users in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy and Japan now can use country-specific domain names for Hotmail accounts. So, rather than having an address at "hotmail.com," a U.K. customer could use "hotmail.co.uk" as an address.
    well this is intrestin , .uk and .jp domains
    will love to see this
    Hotmail is taking another step toward implementing Sender ID, an e-mail authentication method Microsoft is backing. Hotmail will begin supporting Sender ID in its server architecture over the course of this week as it can test the specification.
    what the heck is this ,never heard about this,any ideas you guys ??

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    Mine has 250. It rox. Now that I don't use it anymore..... I already switched to gmail, lol. Too little too late.

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    Microsoft has developed the Caller ID for E-Mail proposal to help eliminate domain spoofing and increase the effectiveness of spam filters by verifying what domain a message came from -- much like how caller ID for telephones shows the phone number of the person calling. The proposal involves three steps to authenticate a sender:
    Full article here: http://www.microsoft.com/presspass/p...chVisionPR.asp
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    thanx dear ,dat was really help ful and as keezel said too little and too late.

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