Nanotech golf ball corrects its own flight

[rant] This is no better than the skiddie that doesnít want to learn anything! Some body do it for me please. Why donít they just play video golf then, or pick the ball up and throw the darn thing!!!!! [/rant]

How many golf balls does the weekend hacker loose on the course? Letís say at least 3. These new Nanotech golf balls cost $8.00 each. That comes out to $24.00 dollars not counting green fees, cart, etc. Save that money and for about 3 lessons with your local pro and he will have you properly addressing and making good ball contact in no time! (equates to hitting straight and staying out of the pucker brushes!)

Next theyíll want servos and hydraulics attached to their arms and body. Give me that RC and Iíll have them hitting something with their irons!

arrrrrrrrrgg who's got the lithium