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Thread: confused over resoursce hacker

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    confused over resoursce hacker

    this is a program given to me by a friend it seprat out all bitmaps,conditions, initiators,etc in an executable,".dll",".oxc's"....................etc
    but when i try to self open any ".exe" of windows based system by using dos editior i got confused over it,can any one please........ please...... tell me how to understand .exe's & .dll's and even how to modify them ..
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    that would be a very hard thing to tell you, since it has so much into it, it is hard to explain here in a couple of lines...

    this is a site which is devoted completely to Reverse Engineering, meaning altering an executable without recompiling the source code. (most of the time even without the possesion of the source code).

    this is done by the use of debuggers / disassemblers, hex-editors and you could also use a resource editor for some parts.

    i would suggest you start reading as much as you can from the site mentioned above and google for the words "Reverse Engineering".

    i just feel like i should warn you, it is a subject which will take a long time mastering it, you can not do it just in an evening or even a few months .

    hope this helps

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