Perhaps this should be in the "miscellaneous" section or something because it is not a security question really.

I am writing an article about the emergence of 4Gbps fibre channel equipment. It is roughly the same cost as the existing 2Gbps equipment, but with twice the performance and speed. It is also backwards-compatible with existing 1G and 2G equipment which means companies can upgrade through attrition rather than having to do a wholesale conversion.

In general though, it seems that there isn't a whole lot of demand for increased speed. More speed always sounds nice, but if the 2G fibre channel wasn't the bottleneck in the first place upgrading to 4G just means that you get your data from point A to the bottleneck faster.

Does anyone have any experience with using 2G vs. 4G fibre channel architecture? Any thoughts on the advent of 4G and its impact on the world of fibre channel?