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Thread: Math questions

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    Math questions

    can anyone give answers to the question given on the site mentioned below......


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    How about a couple of hints.

    Think about square roots with the 100 doors.

    Seperate the balls into 3 sets. 2 sets of 3 and one set of 2. Weigh the 2 sets of 3 that will tell you what you need to weigh the second time and will identify the ball.

    Turn on the first light switch and leave it on for several minutes. Turn it off and turn on the second light switch. Walk up to the attic and you will know which switch is the correct one.
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    This is a guess.

    for n < 100 is

    n + 1 and n*n and n*n*n

    This works out so that

    Monkey one is 1 2 3
    Monkey two is 2 4 6
    Monkey three is 3 6 9
    monkey four is 4 8 12

    I could give you a full algo for it, when I am sober.

    I didn't look at anymore besides the first one.

    I will look at them when I am sober.

    The algo, I gave might not be perfectly right as it is written, but it is correct. I think. I have worked it out in my head. I can give you the correct thing when I am sober.

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