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    hell it would criminalise anyone who got themselves infected
    LOL, that was my thought too. You're right though, there has to be a rider bacause I know a lot of people who have their own little "stash" for AV checking.
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    Another quick thought:

    What about the AVs that put stuff they cannot clean into quarantine, or create a backup/recovery record?

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    A bit off topic, from the original post but on topic..............the way the thread has moved.

    Perhaps the last few posts have been related to.............................intent. Much like the police seperate drug users from pushers?

    ie, if you have a folder with a couple of thousand pounds, (weight) of viruses. You are a pusher. When one or two, would be for your own consumption?

    On the other hand if your name is Symantec?????????????
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    Trust, I've pondered the same, but I've been told by many people, on different occasions that if I were to have src for, let's say msblaster (see early posts), or melissa, then I can be arrested.

    Now that I've seen people a little more educated in the field, I'll have to check into it a bit more.

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    Its not illegal to have viruses on your systems, in any format right now, but give it time, I'm sure somehow it will become a matter of homeland security, or fall under the RIAA somehow....

    However, the grey area surrounds the writing of viruses and moreso their distribution. If you write one you are ok, but as soon as you distribute it then you're in trouble. Being specific, the Federal Computer Abuse Act 1994 outlawed the "transmission of a program, information, code, or Command" that "cause(s) damage to a computer, computer system, network, information, data or program" 18 U.S.C Sec 1030(a)(5)(A). This ammendedthe 1986 Computer Fraud and Abuse Act which proved to be inneffective at times due to the fact that it focused on the crossing of a system level boundary and become outdated over time. The new law now defines the deliberate transmission of a virus as a crime itself (so if you release one watch out!).

    Right now there are two levels of prosecution for those who create viruses.

    i) For those who intentionally cause damage by transmitting a virus the punishment can amount to ten years in jail plus a fine.
    ii) For those who transmit a virus with only "reckless disregard" to the damage it will cause the maximum jail time is a year in prison and there is a fine.

    let me know if you want more info.
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    hell Man you must be crazy but [gloworange]only crazy guys discover somthing crazythings[/gloworange] . i wont ask you why you are collecting virus but i can put some light on it.See i tried it myself only.First get a seperate pc and install Macafee virus soln And configure it to only detect scripts and block it,not to delete it that can by done by advanced option sregarding scanning.Next Put off your firewall and visit some sites specified by other antionline guys and then wallah,You got a new virus just then get a tool to [glowpurple]password protect [/glowpurple] your folders and put the script/file on it and lock it.I prefer to block any acces to it.Tag the folder and keep a log of virus and pretty soon you will get a collection of virus

    Source for folder Blocking tool-www.cnet.com
    Thank You

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    be careful I already did this one I mess up myself.

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    I seem to remember http://www.phreak.org having a very good collection of viruses
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    very true. ive never heard of having viruses in your possession as being illegal. infact i use to have a collection back in the day from the aids virus to the zimbabwe(just a guess its been 10 years). but those are old school virii

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