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Thread: cisco nat limit max request per pc per port

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    cisco nat limit max request per pc per port

    I share an aDSL connection with a couple people in my house. In the evening, I tend to play some online games in which upstream bandwidth is very important. I had posted about my router keeping "tons of dynamic nat entries" in memory and not clearing them out frequently enough. I thought this was slowing me down and causing my router to mess up. It was therefore affecting my ping on the game server. I was wrong. The router was right.

    I found out that someone who is on my network has a habbit of visiting dozens of pr0n sites later in the evening and downloading large pictures and video clips. I don't have a problem with that... what I have a problem with is... he is downloading dozens of clips at a time slowing the connection down. We share the connection but I pay for it. I don't want to cut him off... but I want to frag and he is eating up the bandwidth.

    I'm using the latest and greatest Cicso IOS 12.3.xT on a Cisco Broadband 831 router.
    (it does not have the QoS included in this image... I need to get more flash to get that image. )

    Is there any way for me to limit the max connections from a certain IP to certain ports?
    example: limit max port 80 connections to 10. etc.

    Or, is there a way for me to shape the traffic or give certain protocols priority?

    I've seen tutorials on how to shape traffic and limit connections using a linux box... and that will be my last resort. I'd like to try to resolve this with current hardware, just modify the config, if possible.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Could you let me see the results of show ip route and ip config?

    Also, is the client in question wired or wireless?

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    Phish, use a transparent Squid proxy with delay pools. You can basically set the bandwidth exactly the way you want it.

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    rate limiting NAT translation


    A pity that your image does not support QoS. However, I don't know whether it would
    help you for your specific problem. I only used it for increasing the quality of VoIP and, hey,
    it worked.

    However, there might be another solution, assuming you have enabled NAT ...
    Cisco IOS >12.3.4T supports rate limiting NAT translation[1], with which you can limit
    the maximum number of "NAT ports" ( ) per specific host or even access control list.
    One interesting feature of it is the detection of virii/worms, which tend to spread
    themselves around, opening many connections.

    So you could try to restrict the max number of
    NAT entries to 8 for a specific host (not so nice) :

    ip nat translation max-entries host 192.168.1.xxx 8
    or, maybe better, limit it for a specific access control list. For example: the
    access-list 100 will be limited to 4 concurrent connections:

    ip nat translation max-entries list 100 4
    That access control list could look like

    access-list 100 permit tcp 192.168.1.xxx any eq 80
    or something more appropriate.


    /edit: here it is
    [1] http://www.cisco.com/en/US/products/...0801d09f0.html
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