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Thread: xp shutdown error

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    xp shutdown error

    Hey Guys Great Forum

    I have a home network (all computers XP pro) and receive an error every time I shutdown.

    The error goes something like this
    "other computers are connected to this computer are you sure you want to shut down"
    I know there are no other computers connected as they are not on.

    I thought it was spyware connected and sending info and xp was interpreting that as "other computers"

    How can I tell who is connected and using the resources? Is this spyware or a ligitmate xp problem? Xp firewall is installed and spybot search and destroy was used.

    Any Ideas?

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    You should be able to see who is connected/logged on. Useing the task manager>Users.
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    As Jinxy commented the simple "Users" in taskman .. is there multiple user accounts on the machine.. and they haven't logged off.. only switch user been used?

    Haven't realy seen this message with WinXP.. but it was a pain with Win9x..

    What you haven't made clear is what machines this is happening to.. is it just the one or the whole lot.
    .if it is just the one.. is there a database hosted on that machine.. ie pervasive SQL ..
    the machine in question dose it have any:
    Shared Files or folders?
    Maped network drive?
    Are the machines patched..ie upgraded past SP1..
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    That used to happen a lot with Win9x and was usually due to the fact that a printer was being shared and had been printed to by a remote. The cleanup routine and disconnection fron the printer was bad and it left a "current" connection lying around. It's perfectly safe to just tell it to shutdown anyway.... Unless, of course, your printer is printing at the time.....
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