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Thread: Req. NAT server

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    Req. NAT server

    I was looking for a great NAT server prefrably one of each:

    1- Linux Based
    2- Hardware Based
    3- Runs On windows platform (other than wingate)

    there is something else i was wondering-

    if i have a nat installed as following >>fw-to>>

    will all the other ports be closed ?

    another thing that worries me is... on the NAT server lets say wingate.. i have 2 network cards ... one that is and the other .. should a hacker be smart enough to connect to and then use the on the pc to gain access to the class A network ?

    i hope i am not asking for too much in one single post

    thanx for all your replies.

    best regards ...

    ramzi chekkath

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    Linux Based
    Hardware Based
    Runs On windows platform (other than wingate)
    Is this a trick question?........................Do you nead three NAT servers?

    You can only run one per network AFIAK.

    Which ever you go for will be software based.
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    Unrelated question: Is your username from the guy on thebroken vids?

    For those who don't know who I speak of: www.thebroken.org
    Check out the videos.
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