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Thread: Norton SystemWorks 2003 Resets My Security Settings

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    Question Norton SystemWorks 2003 Resets My Security Settings

    I'm currently running Norton SystemWorks 2003 on an XP Home system.

    Every time I install Norton, some of my 'security' settings are reset.

    For example, I have manually disabled port 135, 445 and some services which pose as a security risk. When Norton is installed, a handful of my settings are reset to their default settings.

    Has anyone else experienced this problem? If so, how can I prevent it from happening?

    I've searched for this on both Google and Symantec's support site, but haven't found any answers.


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    Are we talking about a proper install/reinstall, or does this happen every time you reboot?

    It sounds like default settings within Norton, if you manually reset them again, do they stay that way?

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