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Thread: Verifying NAV 2003 Program Updates?

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    Question Verifying NAV 2003 Program Updates?

    Can anyone tell me how to verify if my NAV 2003 program updates have been successfully downloaded and installed via LiveUpdate? Is there some version info listed somewhere?

    Also, sometimes when installing Norton SystemWorks 2003 for the first time on a clean install, I have to run LiveUpdate 2 or 3 times before it states that everything has been downloaded. Is this normal?

    I've searched on Google and Symantec's support site, but couldn't find any answers.


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    you can see what version you have by opening the app and clicking Help>about Norton Av if i remember correctly. As for the reference files, if they do not install correctly, you will get an error message.

    Also when you clean install an application, it may well be nearly a year old to the developer. As such they may have produced many updates............ Which they will break up to manageable chunks for those on a dialup. So, to find that you have to run update a few times should not be a suprise.
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