So, ive got a Linksys wcf12 CF wireless card, and a cf to pcmcia adaptor for my notebook. There are currently (as far as i can tell from my searches) no drivers provided by linksys for this option (cf to pcmcia). For a few years, i had been succesfuly using the WPC11 driver (the pcmcia 802.11b linksys card) drivers and just selecting which driver to install manually. Well, shortly before sp2 came out, my harddrive fried, and i havent used my laptop untill this morning when my new laptop harddrive came in the mail :-) sooooo..

Im trying to do the same thing for my notebook (using the WPC11 driver and selecting which one to install manually) and it keeps telling me that the device isnt functioning properly...

now, i can ALMOST eliminate this because (a) the card works in my PPC just as cf, and (b) untill the driver is installed, the little green light on the card stays on

basically, aside from Prism drivers, which are no longer free or available for download, does anyone know of any way to get my wireless card working? I dont have money to buy an actual pcmcia card, and really just want this card to work. Thanks for your help..let me know if you need any more details.

xp pro sp2
dell inspiron 2600 laptop