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Thread: Antivir Professional workstation

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    Antivir Professional workstation

    Hello all!
    I'm using a free software: www.antivir.de . Does anyone from you use or used the same antivirus program? What do you think about it? Should i change it with better one?
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    Hi, yes I have Antivir (H+BEDV).

    I prefer AVG from Grisoft, but I am not sure that you can get a free copy in Bulgaria? There was a time when you could get the free AVG in most countries in the world, apart from Europe, where you could only get it in the UK. It appeared to be related to some sort of marketing/distribution deal?

    Antivir is good, but does not come out top in any tests that I have seen.

    If you go to AO's new download section you can get Clam or Avast! which might be better.

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