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    and also be sure you set the other computer to managed, it may sound like a silly reminder but I have seen people set them to unmanaged by mistake. and I havent found a way to changed that aside from uninstall/reinstall.
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    From what I remember (and its been a little while since I upgraded to Symantec Corp 8) is that you install a managed copy on the server, upgrade it and then enter in the server name when you are installing on the client. You can also push the client out to the other machines and have it install on the clients without going to each client. (On win2k and Xp machines) Besides the problems I had with 7.6 clients and the version 8 server, I thought it was a painless process.
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    To make an unmanaged client to a managed one, the GRC.DAT file from the server can be used. This is the configuration file for the SAV and each server/group has a GRC.DAT associated with that. please refer the link below for the usage as the path etc depends on OS being used.

    NT Client Install option is very nice if u have to install multiple clients. For this to work, C$ share should be available on clients and you should have admin access to the clients as well.

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