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    Post KeyHole Software

    I just come across a new software Known as Keyhole. Website This is very interesting tool it gives you satellite view of any part of the world. With features like ZoomIn and live images e.t.c.

    Try it its Cool
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    Very nice tool. Definately gives you the feel of big brother.

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    Yeah i've been using it for 3 days now, i like it very much ! Too bad you get a 7 day trial only, there'll be a crack soon, if not already
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    I doubt it--this subscription service has been out there since the Iraq War started, which is where I first saw it (on CNN). I've been a subscriber to their service ever since. At the time, (and so far since then), it was the most innovative piece of software I've seen in a long time. Check their forums for some out of the ordinary waypoints. Some of the places they've listed there let you zoom down until you can read the license plate numbers on cars. Very cool stuff...

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    That is similar to the NASA World Wind program. Except... worldwind doesn't require a subscription.

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