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Thread: Armor2net Personal Firewall

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    Armor2net Personal Firewall

    Have you tried Armor2net Personal Firewall software? I've been using it. I think it is great. It can provide a complete spectrum of Internet security and Internet privacy for computers. It is able to stop Internet pop-up ads, search your computer for spyware, and remove the spyware components safely. Armor2net Personal Firewall has an easy-to-use interface and is very intuitive. Unlike most of its competitors, Armor2net is a truly ¡°intelligent¡± firewall software that allows many of its functions to be automatically processed. The application is perfectly suited for home and office and for new users. If you are intrested, you can visit: You can have a try!

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    I tried this program for few years ago and I dont want to do it agane.
    I this program is bad to config and takes a lot of cpu usage.
    And have bad security = not safe to use.

    I dont recommend to use this program. But it is you chose what to do.
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    Why pay for a product when you could easily use ZA BlackIce etc...
    Seems to me the person posting is in need of $$$. Nice "sales pitch"...
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    What they claim to do and what they actually do are frequently "some distance" apart.................

    This is obviously a "home user" type offering so I ask the questions:

    1. Could my grandmother install it straight out of the box
    2. Does it give good protection straight out of the box?
    3. Does it need knowledge of "filters" and Granny would give me a sieve and some muslin/cheese cloth.............thinking I was about to make jam
    4. How does it rate against all the others, several of which are what is its detection/interception performance?
    5. How easy is it to install?
    6. Does it automatically update?
    7. What are the help files like?
    8. What are the online and phone support facilities like?

    And that is just a few, but how you judge them?

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