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Thread: Floppy drive problem???

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    Floppy drive problem???

    I'm not really sure if this is a floppy drive problem or the system needs a new
    motherboard, but here goes:

    A friend of mine is running Windows 2000, now when he connects his
    floppy drive to the motherboard and boots his machine up, it doesn't
    detect his hard drive and of course it tries to boot from the CD-rom.

    When we unplug the floppy drive, it recognizes the hard drive and
    it boots normally.

    We decided to change the boot order and we still have the same problem,
    plug the floppy drive and it won't recognize the hard drive, unplug it and
    it boots just fine.

    I'm not really sure if it's a floppy drive problem or maybe a motherboard
    problem. I forgot to ask what motherboard it is and I'll endeavour to find

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Is it an IDE floppy drive? I know some Compaq systems came with an LS-120 drive. It's basicly a floppy drive on steroids. But since it uses IDE maybe the master/slave settings are incorrect?
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    If you are using an IDE floppy make sure the red stripe it on the left hand side when you connect it up.

    Some IDE cables dont have the "Blanking Pin" so it is possible to put it on back to front.
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    Sounds like a dead floppy to me..........................

    Nokia said:

    Some IDE cables dont have the "Blanking Pin" so it is possible to put it on back to front.
    That seems to be more common these days, you will know that is the problem because the drive light (green) will come on at boot and stay on all the time.

    Try another floppy drive cable, then another floppy drive................also try using another power connection plug from the PSU.

    Good luck

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