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Thread: packet sniffer

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    packet sniffer

    Hi Guys !
    I am very new to this...I just used ethereal to sniff my own network comprising of 2 pcs with 98 and XP. I use Yahoo Messenger frequently and I want to know the IP of the person on the other side.

    My question is :

    -> Can I get the IP from the packet ? [ P.S. I have tried myself to check the packets but it doesnt show the IP]

    Am I doing it correctly ?


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    Hi Siddhs,

    I usually make sure I check the "Update list of packets in real time" box in the Ethereal Capture Options. This means I don't have to stop a capture to see if the program can see anything.

    Now, this done, you should see a list of packets sent and recieved on the network on the main screen. There should be a column for Source and Destination. These are the sending and recieving (respectively) computers' IP addresses.

    If, for some reason, these columns were not showing, you could click the "Internet Protocol" drop down list in the frame below that showing the list of packets. Near the bottom of the section that expands you should see a line for "Source:" and "Destination:"

    If you wanted to narrow down the list of packets to those related to your Yahoo conversation, you could enter the following expression into the "Filter" bar at the top of the main window:


    This should filter out everything but Yahoo Messenger messages. I'm not running Yahoo Messenger, so I can't check this, but it should work fine.

    Good Luck

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