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Thread: change nickname

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    Question change nickname

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    Haven't been here a while as you can see, but anyway changed my nickname in the mean time, can I change it here too?

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    You'd have to start a new account. Given the lack of posts, that shouldn't be a biggie. I can "ban" your account if you want to go this route.
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    no thanks, its okay, I can manage.
    you got to say that was a long time I did not log in ay?

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    Don't you feel special now ?
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    Yeah !! Ban him.........
    then; if he has my kind of luck, when he tries to start another account.
    You'd find that the NEW name you want to use is already in use.............................

    I'd say welcome back. but damn, that's some gap year.

    Would your new name be Wee Willy Winkie perhaps
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    lol... yeah why you want to change name i think you can after you get custom title privallegas but that comes with seniority and time and AP's lots and lot's of them... and lots and lots of post and then a lot of tut's you will get there just takes time but at that rate you may be a few hundred yrs old when you reach adicts...lol

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