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Thread: JFK Reloaded

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    JFK Reloaded

    I don't usually post in this forum but I had to pass this one.

    Link : http://www.jfk-reloaded.com/

    JFK Reloaded is a game that will send you in the skin of Lee Harvery Oswald and ask to you perform the assassination of JFK.

    To me, it's just plain discuting!
    -Simon \"SDK\"

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    Agreed. Their justification is that it's historical and teaches how there was surely only one gunmen (according to them) -- but they actually think a video game is the way to do this? Hello! McFly!

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    ya i can see what they are trying to do but, they are going about it in a totally wrong way... and its a british company who is publishing this! ( no offense to my british friends)
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    No offence taken..............I go along with Simon, in that it is pretty poor taste (degoutante?)

    Now, if they had issued it as a ballistics forensics proggy, that would be a different matter?

    I do not even know what party JFK belonged to, but I do know that he was democratically elected................it was a tragic event.

    just my 0.02

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