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Thread: Study: Tools Let Spyware Slip Through Cracks

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    Study: Tools Let Spyware Slip Through Cracks


    Howes, who maintains a privacy and security page, recommends that users infected with spyware use two or more scanners in combination, as one will often detect and remove things that others do not.
    That's fairly evident from reading AO posts, most posters usually recommend a combination of scans to try. Good for us.

    I guess the best protection is still common sense, a little knowledge and a secure box.
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    I believe that part of the problem is that spyware/adware doesn't actualy "do" very much when it arrives. This means that behavioural monitoring does not pick up a lot, and these tools have to rely on pattern files.

    I still recommend RegistryProt from DiamondCS, as it will at least warn you that you have a problem, and if you deny the Registry changes the stuff probably won't work.

    I use it in conjunction with WinPatrol from BillP Studios and Winsonar. You need to remember to turn Winsonar off to do updates and stuff, and to tell it which new programs you have loaded are "good guys" because it is almost as paranoid as I am

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    I saw this on Slashdot the other day...anyone here try that one product "GIANTAnti-Spyware"? The Eric Howes' test results are here: http://spywarewarrior.com/asw-test-guide.htm

    Ah, yes, his own site is also very informative...does anyone else value his opinions?

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    The strangest thing is I downloaded GiantAntispyware just last weekend after I had run Adaware I ran this program and boy did it find more spyware. I have used Adaware for years and love the ease of use but Giant is also very good and the nice thing is they both seem to get alone on my pc. After seeing the test results I am going to run both.
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