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Thread: Adaware & Aida32 Conflict?

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    Question Adaware & Aida32 Conflict?

    This is interesting...

    I can't seem to run the latest Adaware SE Personal on my computer here in the office. I've tried running a scan twice, and Adaware locked up at the same spot both times. Guess where it's freezing?

    C:\Program Files\Aida32

    Anybody else experience this? Any ideas?

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    Please boot into safe mode and run a defragmentation tool, then try AdAware.

    I have experienced these sort of freezes with AVs............frequently when they hit a compressed file.........

    Seemed like there was not enough memory or page/swap file.

    You might try creating a manual swap/page file around 512Mb and see what happens.

    Please let me know what happens, I have AdAware SE and Aida32 (v3.80) and have not had the same problems.


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