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    Mcse / Mcsa

    hi guys,

    I just want to ask, something I want to take up MCSE and MCSA but I dont know where to start. Can you help me out guys?

    Any suggestions will do,

    Please help to find a good book for MCSE/MCSA because Im planning to take a test.
    Or any free e-books that can help me out to pass the exam or any tutorials.

    I know how setup a network but I dont know how to pass the MCSE / MCSA exams.


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    To get MCSE certification you'll need to take 5 core and 3 elective exams. Which you need to take and which you can chose from are found here:

    You can find a place to actually DO the exam here:

    I personally just bought the official books for the exams... I'm afraid I can't remember where, tho ;-)

    And finally to prepare for the tests use the excellent material from
    If you take those, you'll pass the test for sure.

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