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Thread: still getting error 630

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    Exclamation still getting error 630

    OS: win 98
    internal dial up modem: CoNEXANT

    I have tried to swap all the com ports and i'm still getting error 630.I even tried to unplug and plug the modem back in to the slot and it still gives me an error 630.I dont have any other serial devices.Why is that?Just to give you a bit background.I transferred the modem from my other pc and connect it to my other computer.The modem was working with my other computer but since i cannot use the other computer because the hard drive was removed I transferred the modem to the other pc and it wont work.Is it possible that the modem is not compatible with my other pc?

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    Error 680 means "No Dialtone" so check your phoneline connection.

    //Edit: Damn I need glasses. You said 630 not 680....

    Maybe this will help?

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