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Thread: Panda & pqremove.com

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    Panda & pqremove.com

    I unzipped pqremove.com and found that some files are almost same as other pandasoftware using.

    PAV.SIG -> I think that it is file with defenitions and is same as Panda AVs using, I hope

    QREMOVE.CFG -> Configuration file for QREMOVE.COM

    Comman line commands is inside of Configuration file it makes that it is impossible to run in command line this utility.

    Command line parameters at this page (in spanish) http://www.xtec.es/formaciotic/antivirus/htm/doc08.htm

    I was unable make this utility to scan my harddriver, it may be impossible or ?
    And it is not so much info about this on internet that I could find.

    Do some one know some more information about this utility?
    Or some alternativ for it?
    Do this program using same definition as panda?

    Did I right that wrote about this?
    // too far away outside of limit

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    I haven't forgotten our other discussion, and will get back to you.

    My advice for a DOS based scanner is F-Prot. Kaspersky may still do one? but they are getting pretty rare.

    I think that the last update of the pattern/signature files for that version of Panda was around February 2002 ...................the point is that the application is so obsolete, it is useless.

    You did not say what file system your HDD has............I would guess that the AV is looking for FAT16? and may work with FAT32...........................it will NOT work with NTFS. That might be your problem?



    N. de virus i mutacions detectables: 65.722
    Última revisió de l'arxiu de virus: 24/02/2003

    That means that it will detect 65,722 viruses/variants and was last updated in February 2003.............that is over a year and a half ago

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