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Thread: Interesting Security Resource Site?

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    Interesting Security Resource Site?

    I was browsing around and came across this site:


    It has lots of links to a variety of resources, freeware, information and suchlike.

    The AV/Anti Trojan test results are rather interesting...........they go back to July 2004, but that is one of the most recent I have seen.

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    Very interesting site...reminds me a bit of this one http://www.firewallguide.com/

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    thanks for lovely link nihil it is great
    nobody is perfect i am nobody

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    The firewall guide folks seem to have a multitude of items listed. Since they are supported by the industry, I wonder if they can provide an unbiased opinion if a review or product involves money? If you go to their main page look on the right side, you will see ads to purchase ZA & Norton. Then go to the “Site Index” click on their “Personal Firewalls”. Who’s listed as #1 & #2

    Go Here: to see who completed the reviews, Scroll down to "Comparative reviews of personal firewall software:"

    Our overhead is paid for by commissions on ads and sales.

    Personal Firewall Reviews -- After important tips and comparative reviews, this page provides links to vendors and reviews for forty-nine personal firewall products:

    Top Picks -- Norton & ZoneAlarm
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