Yea, I read up on the 4x and 8x some, I think 8x had something like 2.2 gbps transfer rate and 4x was 1.1 gbps. I do play some games, but nothing where im going to be insane about speed, Doom3 or somethin, I have an Xbox for that. The onboard video is a ProSavage DDR somethin or another, It plays DVD's ok, but I can notice lines in the picture and it's a bit jumpy at times. And I have been wanting an tv-out for a long long time. I've read of a lot of people having problems with ATI when they run WinXP. I have always been a fan of Nvidia. But I have been looking at the Radeon ATI cards. I'm not going to spend more than 150$ on a card, and there are a lot in that price range available. I still haven't decided on one. *shrugs*