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    Relyt, try this:


    It appears to be average in obtaining 100% certification. If you type in other products (Norton etc) into the search box in the top right, you can see how other products have fared.

    I did try it a few months ago and found it very slow and prone to false positives. Mind you, false positives are a fact of life with strong heuristic scanning on a machine with all sorts of software on it.

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    Thanks Nihil,

    It looks like Dr.Web is still about 50/50 overall as with the other review/tests. However the 4.32b didn't pass the vb100.

    Other AV's experience some false positives with thorough heuristic scanning as well. But I would definitely have experience frustration if it's as slow as I have heard.

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    I using DrWeb by myself on WinBased OS and I know that:


    DrWeb is slow on scan of compressed files
    Using lot of RAM sometimes
    Damaged installation of some programs when it is in Realtime mode protection (disable spider and continue install of software)

    Dont requid much from computer
    Can be installed with other AVs on same computer just for scan (without spider)
    DOS, Console, "Visual" Scanners avalible in one "installation"
    DrWeb dont realy requid installation, just unzip and use.

    Hehe, correct me if I am wrong
    // too far away outside of limit

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