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    free bsd 5.3 inst error

    hi i posted the question in GCC by mistake and i am not able to delete it , it was the wrong form , so i decided to post it here agian .plz don mind ,

    welll i am having trouble with installation of free bsd 5.3
    here is the error
    "unable o write data ad0"
    "vty1 dma limited to udma33"1
    "ad0:failure-read _dma timed out non ata66 cable or device "
    so plz help me out
    even when i tried to install free bsd 5.1 i got an error
    "read_dma interupt was seen but taskqueue time out LBA 78165297"

    "read_dma interupt was seen but taskqueue Satted LBA 78165297"

    any help will be appreciated

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    What sort of hard drive are you using and is it with a 40 or 80 pin cable?

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    well iam using a normal seagate 40gb hard disk , may be it 40 pin (jus a guess, never actually counted it ) leme check out

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