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  • Always. My Home system is as tight as my work systems.

    11 21.15%
  • I do a lot of work on my home systems, so they have to be secured.

    8 15.38%
  • My home box is secured in its own manner, but I leave many of the more restrictive security measures out (such as FS encryption, GP settings, chrooting, etc.).

    31 59.62%
  • Win98SE w/no Passwords or Policy Edits is still my favourite.

    2 3.85%
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    Originally posted here by Danielsd
    For the moment i feel free from worms and viruses, so i'm not wanting to isntall something .
    I think that i have 90% security with my antivirus program and firewall.
    Sorry Danielsd, But with what you have, an AV and a firewall, I would say you are only about 50% protected. Properly configured, a firewall is great, but it will not stopa user from comprimising their own system. A good AV will also not catch alot of the worms and trojans that a user might inflict on them selves.

    Alot of malware will disable your firewall and AV as it loads, basically rendering them ineffective. The programs that nihil listed for you will catch most of these before they can do any damage.

    And yes, you are right, there is no 100%, but you sure can get higher than 50%.
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    Do me a favor as well and go here:


    Antivirus won't protect squat. If your AV ever alerts you, then it means something else needs to be fixed. I'm kinda suprised this wasn't mentioned first. :/

    Updated boxes are rarely touched, so go get updated, and turn on your auto notifications for them as well.

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    100 % protection is an oxymoron if you ask me, just like Military Intelligence. Getting on the Internet is like playing Russian roulette with a virtual revolver. One of these times the bullet is going to hit you. ďThatís lifeĒ, we know the danger but take the risk anyway. What really gets me is that the information is out there and everyone knows about it, but yet they donít bother to do anything about it, then they cry when there information is all over the Net.

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