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Thread: music trivia history

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    music trivia history

    The then pupils from Islington Green School, north London, were taken to a nearby recording studio by their music teacher but without permission from the headmistress.

    On hearing the song, she banned the pupils from appearing on TV or video, meaning they had no proof of their involvement on the track.

    The lyrics "We don't need no education, we don't need no thought control, no dark sarcasm in the classroom -- teachers leave them kids alone" were also described by the Inner London Education Authority as "scandalous".

    The school was paid 1,000 and later given a platinum record of the song but the pupils were paid nothing.
    Well, better late than never. They deserve something for a great contribution
    to pop music.


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    They deserve something for a great contribution
    to pop music.
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    I wonder how much their participation is worth now? If it was me I would be happy to settle for a signed platinum album to stick on my wall.

    Keeping on the theame of music did anyone get to the free U2 concert in newyork?

    U2 play surprise New York concert

    U2 played the surprise live set to thousands of fans
    Irish rock group U2 have played to thousands of fans at a surprise concert under New York's Brooklyn Bridge.
    Fans said they heard about the show, which was not widely advertised, on the internet or by word of mouth.

    The quartet, fronted by Bono, played songs from their newly-released album How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb in the shadow of the New York skyline.

    The band spent the day performing around the city on a flatbed truck, being filmed for their new video.
    full story
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    Dark Sarcasm? Lol.

    Wasn't is Dull Sarcasm?

    Don't you have to write something to get royalties, performers aren't paid royalties unless specifically contracted?

    Maracu... damn I wish i lived in New York. BTW that is a good CD. Bono was definitely in a "deep" mood on that one.
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