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    Help with passwords and usernames with IM programs

    I need help. I just updated my computer with a new copy of windows xp. I use yahoo as my main email and such. I had a copy of Yahoo messenger on my computer that would automaticaly log me in and it had my username and password stored. when I updated my computer I lost my stored username and pasword. Is there anyway I can get that back, as I cannot remember my password, and since I set up that account so long ago, I dont remember that "secret, dont forget this cause its your last chance to get your password back, secret word" that I made when I set up that account.

    What I do have is a full copy of the Yahoo! folder that I backed up before I updated the computer ( if the password is stored in a file in there...I hope).. if its stored in the regestry I guess Im just SOL.

    Is there any hope for me?

    Thank you for all help in advance!


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    did you try that ? im not sure if they ask yo for the secret word there !
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    if u don't remember ur "forgot ur password?"secret question i am sorry to say u r down and out u should rather try setting up a new account and forget last one.
    i am not sure where yahoo stores ur user name and password(never tried reverse engineering)
    but i am pretty sure that it is stored in encrypted form.
    try diassmebling ypager.exe and see what u can find out.i don't think there is any short cut for u.
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    or if you wanna try some crackers from


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    Personally, I use yahoo but I don't like it, I think MSN has a better setup. But maybe you should email yahoo and explain the situation, you may have a chance, but I highly doubt that will help, but, it's worth a try at least.

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    It's hard-to-nearly-impossible to make a case for being the rightful owner of the account to Yahoo!... You'd have a better chance trying to crack some file than convince some Y! tech to let you in

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    i wouldnt try to crack the password, because yahoo will lock your account after 3 failed attempts. Then youll be mad.

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