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    Originally posted here by CindyKao
    The wife went to an internet cafe and changed her passwords from a machine there. He still got in. So another friend changed them from her machine across the county (and called wife on cellphone to let her know what they were) and he still got in (to her emails. Hmmm.... She is going out today to purchase a new machine and new service provider, create brand new email accounts. She can't reformat the old machine b/c he has all the software and even if she could get it from him, she can't trust it. Drastic/desperate measures but she told me she will never trust that machine, even reformatted.
    From the sounds of it she's changing her passwords on something web based? If so, and the husband has adminsitrative access to wherever she's changing her passwords then she won't be able to get around this; he'll always be able to reset her password or view it or whatever.

    Proving he is getting into her machine (or others) is the difficult part as far as law enforcement goes
    Erm, how do you KNOW he is getting into her machine? If it's not questionable to you, it shouldn't be to LE.
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    Ok, this seems a little suspicious to me. What makes you think he has access to anything? You said he has access to her email account and they were married? Did they have this account together? Things like MSN will allow you to recover the password. Please explain why you think he has access to her computer and what access you believe that to be.

    Also, you said you visited his website. Did you happen to use the same password for his site that you might have used for email? I know a lot of people have this habit to use the same password everywhere. Also, he doesn't happen to host the email server does he? In either case he could very easily recover this password.

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    Now im not condeming anybody at this point but this is exactly why you NEVER give out persoanl information to anybody over the internet. Because you never know when they might decide to become a psyco.

    With that out of the way now i can get down to the matter at hand. Advise your firend to format her computer completely. And then burn all of the accounts she was previously using. Create new user names at all services she currently uses. Obviously there is a weak link somewhere and the only way to get rid of it is with etreme predjudice. I seriously have my doubts as to him being into your computers... he's into your heads. But better safe than sorry. And just out of pure curiosity would you mind either posting a link either here or in a PM to me to the sites in question? Especialy the "hacked" yahoo group. The only ways he could have possibly pulled that are:
    1 you used the same password or a variant on his site.
    2 He used a procsess of logical deduction and you had a typical word based password.
    3 he had a keylogger and while that is not iumpossible it sounds unlikely if your system is as clean as he says it is.

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    My 0.02, in addition to Zombie~'s:

    And then burn all of the accounts she was previously using. Create new user names at all services she currently uses.
    When you set up passwords, make them strong ones, not the dog's name or things like that. And when you answer the "secret questions"............DO NOT BE TRUTHFUL

    Your mother's maiden name was Adolf Hitler, Ghengis Khan or whatever................you were born in Tekrit, your favourite pastime is genocide, and so on.

    Remember that spouses, family and friends will know the correct answers..............and that most of these accounts/services have some sort of automatic "I have forgotten my password mechanism" based on secret questions.

    Most of these "uber elite" people are in fact genetic defects who couldn't hack their way out of a wet paper bag................but they can "socially engineer" information out of your service providers if you are not careful!

    Take care.

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    I knew i was forgeting something nihil and thank you for following up.

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