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Thread: AntiOnline Statistics

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    AntiOnline Statistics

    i was just curious if mntsgrl or any of the admins/mods is gonna tell AO about the AO Statistics page ? Is it done ? because i know some members made a thread about a that kind of page in the Suggestions forum !

    ( i don't wanna post a link to it yet since i don't know if mnstrgrl is done with it or not)
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    *SwordFish_13 looks Around to find someone who knows anything

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    *SwordFish_13 looks Around to find someone who knows anything
    Don't look in this direction... I KNOW NOTHING!

    That's what TigerShark's for.
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    Given that it's Thanksgiving Weekend, you probably won't hear from mnstrgrl until next week. It would be a good idea to send her a note. AFAIK, it's not done. I haven't see or heard anything.

    So best bet: PM mnstrgrl and ask her yourself.
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    mnstrgl is a girl???

    I never knew that. lol

    Back onto topic though that stat page sounds like a good idea.

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    Uhmm, I know the link.. is it bad to post it? *scratches head*
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    well i myself am curious to what are the stastics at antionline i feel that we are the only people who post at antionline and we are the only people who aome to the site . well that is stupid of me , but then what can you expect !!!

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    I've not been around here in a while, but the page is NOT hard to find at all, hehe. :-p

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