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    Alt + Backspace

    Hmm this is weird, when i press Alt + Backspace key when im typing something in AIM, it freezes the whole program. When i press it here, it just deleted the whole line, why does it freeze AIM, whats that key combination "supposed" to do ?
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    weird when i press alt+backspace in photoshop it fills the selected area with the foreground color!! oh wait its suppoused to do that >.< nm


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    In text editor type programs it will most likely:

    1. Delete the last line.
    2. Delete the last sentence.
    3. Delete everything that has been entered since the last save of the document.

    It will depend on the particular application that you are using.

    Sorry I don't use AIM so I cannot test that for you. If others get it then I would say it is a bug in AIM. If they don't then you probably have a corrupt installation?

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    My immediate reaction was that of a Linux experience, although this is CTL+ALT+Backspace (kills the XWindows). A quick google search however shows that it's used to "undo the last action", which depending on what you last did with AIM might in fact cause a hiccup. Should try it with other apps and see what happens. Check out this list of Windows Key Combinations (and Others) or try this one (although it doesn't identify ALT+Backspace as the Undo key, there seems to be overlap since CTL+Z does the same thing)
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