I have recently switched to Firefox after using IE6 (service pack 2 installed) for the last six months. Today I had some financial transactions to perform on line so I first ran Spybot then ran Norton Anti-virus (after first making certain I had all updates to each.) After that, I went about my business.

I then got a couple of pop-ups on Firefox so - out of curiousity - I ran AdAware 6.0 and found about 44 different "hits" that Spybot and Norton had missed. Most of them were "data miners" which I think are relatively benign (?) but several of them had "malware" as the description. Unfortunately I deleted the files before writing them down so I cannot list them here.

Should I be concerned that any of these programs were able to log my credit card #, SSN, etc.? Will the fact that I was operating on Firefox instead of IE6 offer me any comfort here?