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Thread: MySQL upgrading issues

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    Post MySQL upgrading issues


    I've been reading and getting really excited about the enhancements in the MySQL 4.x line. I have been for a long time, since it first came out.

    Is there any security or stability issues with the 4.x versions? I have not been able to find a good web host that offers anything above 3.23.58

    Is there a particular reason that they are sticking with the 3.x instead of upgrading?

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    It's probably the same reason why most of them are still running Apache 1.3.x.
    They know what it is, what to do when there's a problem, how to run it effeciently, in short they've got a lot of experience.

    Also note the slight differences, they can make or brake existing applications written for 3.x.
    So, to be on the "safe" side they're probably sticking with the "old" version.

    But as soon as they have some field experience and everyone else starts to migrate, they'll follow...
    Oliver's Law:
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