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Thread: Program Will not Uninstall

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    Program Will not Uninstall

    Could use some advising on this one guys --

    My boss brought in his laptop for me to do a favor for him configuring a game he has on it so that it will play properly. He's trying to play ABC Mondey Night Football '98 on his XP SP2 machine (I smell trouble already). After some tweaking, he has it playing most modes ok, but when it comes to trying to play a league mode, he gets an Access Database error.

    Well, it looked like it was a problem with Access 2000 trying to read an Access 97 file, so I converted the database to 2000. Still won't work.

    So, I found an update patch for the game and figured that's my solution. So I was going to uninstall the game, install it clean, and add the patch. Well guess what? When I try to uninstall, I get this:

    The log file 'C:\...\ABC's Monday Night Football '98\Uninst.isu' is not valid or the data has been corrupted. Uninstallation will not continue.
    So now what?

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    format it, install linux and tell your boss to not ask again for an employee to help on a particular issue, games in special

    Backing to reality,
    - did u tried thu game' uninstall option or thur add/remove programs? try both
    - if not works, remove directory and registry entries. On registry look for game' manufacturers keys...

    i hope you have all media do reinstall it (or you boss had d/l from e-mule? )
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    This just gets wierder and wierder...

    Yeah, the uinstall I was talking about was from Add/Remove Programs, that's when I got the error. The game itself has NO uinstall option! Not on the menu, nor in it's directory. Yay!

    (And yes, this is using the game CD.)

    So I went into regedit and removed the keys for the game from the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE --> SOFTWARE, deleted the directory and everything in it from Program Files, and tried a clean install.

    And now it won't install! I get errors galore!

    I'm looking back through regedit and can't imagine anything I could've missed...So now I'm actually worse off than I was to begin with...DOH!!!

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    OK! Got it! I managed to get through an installation then downloaded a game update I found for winXP, now it's playing again...but I'm back at the first problem. So let me throw this at you:

    It will play a normal game, but once you try a league game, you get this error:

    Monday Night Football could not open the League Database 97League.mdb. Attempting to open "97League.mdb".
    Monday Night Football could not open the Default League Database. "C:\...\ABC's Monday Night Football '98\League\97League.mdb".
    I'm thinking this is a lost cause...but if anyone has any ideas...

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    Go here


    Find the Key that talk about Madden, delete it

    Delete the Madden directory from C:\

    For the register DLL and Registry Key, game usually do not use them. If you want them out, re-install Game and uninstall right away.

    Good Luck
    -Simon \"SDK\"

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