DSO exploir on IE.. any solut..?
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Thread: DSO exploir on IE.. any solut..?

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    DSO exploir on IE.. any solut..?

    hey guys... i have a problem... i formatted recently my pc and after installing win xp sp-1 i instanlty notice some wired closes of the IE broswer... i installed the latest spybot updated... and it found DSO exploit... i clicked to remove it but i searched again and it found it again... i search fora of m$ and found that there is no solution... is this right???

    help guys


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    what is the DSO exploit?

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    haven't Spybot sorted this thing out yet .....................that DSO exploit is a bug in Spybot i belive.............. it just keeps showing it .............have you tried AD-Aware

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    Quote Spybot:

    DSO-Exploit is a security gap in Internet Explorer, Outlook and Outlook Express. Microsoft did already close this gap with security updates, so with current Windows updates and patches installed, it will no longer be a threat to your system.
    Spybot-S&D will still detect the DSO-Exploit, but instead of fixing it for good, it will unfortunately again set an invalid value. Therefore it will again be found with every scan.
    This little bug in Spybot-S&D has already been repaired and the respective fix will soon be available as a program update.


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    Nice link DJM shi think that answers your question GbinaryR. This link might help you as well http://www.pchell.com/support/dsoexploit.shtml
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