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Thread: problem with logfiles/webhoster

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    problem with logfiles/webhoster

    My webhoster is a kind of lame, thats the problem. I can only access logfiles wich are at least 2 days old, and i would like them in "real-time". My first thought was to realize this through some html-code in the website.

    Unfortunally, i dont have any clue of html....

    But imho is that the only way, since i have no root-access to the server. Is there a way to

    a) create a log file in the ftp-root, to wich i have rw-access

    b) mail me every single hit on the page (annoying, i know, but at least a solution)

    c) do it in any other way?

    I could imagine that there is a simple solution for this, but as im new to this field of knowledge, i dont know it...

    Maybe some of you guys could help, would be great.



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    Do you know if your web host allows for scripts, and if so what languages these are allowed in? You could easily use perl or php to make log files when people hit your page. It would however require some knowledge of one of these two languages. THis would probably create a long file that would go against your space limits, so you might want to check on what those are too.

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    How about getting a new host. One with more responsive customer service?

    They should be happy to log to your home directory. If you don't have shell access, then you could
    ftp the files and analyze them locally.

    Webhosts are a dime a dozen, I would move my stuff elsewhere.


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