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Thread: Broadband Problems

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    Broadband Problems

    Ok got a call from my Dad to say he is having problems with his AOL 9 broadband connection (i know having AOL is a problem in itself but thats not what i need advice on)

    ok he is running Win XP Pro - not completly sure of patches but I know is up to at least sp 1.

    Modem is the USB voyager 100 adsl modem

    now the problem is that it simply wont connect. AOL keeps responding with a message saying it cant find adsl modem.

    so far he has had an engineer out to test line - apparantly works fine engineer was even able to connect through line using his own laptop

    replaced modem and all cables.

    checked USB ports - updated drivers for modem all instaled and working.

    Now when he attempts to connect via the adsl modem he says he can hear his internal dial-up modem attempting to make a connection instead. He disabled the dialup modem but upon restarting it appears to have been enabled again and is attempting to dial-out when he connects.

    He has norton AV installed and updated and done ful sweep. Not sure what firewall is running will check that when he calls back tonight.

    any suggestions?


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    I had a similar problem when I first started connecting to commercial WI-FI. It turned out to be the update function of the av I was using. It was set to dial out automatically when ever I started a connection and over road the wireless connection completely. I ended up having to reformate because it wouldn't let me entirely remove the av and firewall and kept killing any connection except the dialup.
    This was McAfee, of course. I have never had another problem with it, with any other av and firewall.

    Note: I even completely removed all dial up functions, and it would still hang and not connect via the wireless connection,
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    I've ever used AOL for broadband, but:

    On the normal AOL, you can set different "profiles" for your locations.

    eg. moibile users may have several for different area codes they visit, or a broadband profile, so it connects over the LAN.

    In the profile that he is using, check to see that the AOL software recognizes the modem.
    I've had to delete the profile before, reinstall modem drivers and then recreate the profile to get it to work properly.

    Or, simply uninstall AOL and the modem. Then reinstall it all and start fresh.

    Is your Dad using AOL as his ISP? Or, is he using some other ISP and still using AOL for broadband on top of the DSL service? If he is using AOL on top of the other ISP, then you should still be able to access the internet via brower, or any other internet capable application. Again, this would be an AOL software configuration problem.
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    Is there a Ethernet port on the modem instead of using a USB plug?

    I've used USB on different Companeis before and to me USB is no comparison as far as troubleshooting goes to a Ethernet cable.

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