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Thread: i need advice on download manager

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    i need advice on download manager

    i don't have too much to spare lately so i've been stuck w/ dial-up connection. i would still like to expriment w/ new linux distros and other things hence the problem w/ download speed. i don't mind waiting for a reasonable time so i've been thinking about dl'ing or even buying a good download manager that can resume downloads safely during the night. is there a dl manager that can actualy resume from a download script as opposed to absolute link (www.somesite.com/downloadlinux.php?blabla=&12345 VS. www.somesite.com/linux.exe) i don't mind starting downloads manually so it doesn't have to have a scheduler...

    thanx for all help

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    No, you nasty little cheapskate, go here:


    Hell, if that ain't the best linux distro source then I am ........................

    Seriously, that is very cheap, and you have it on CD when you want to re-install?

    errr........and they even ship to England

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    Take a look at freedownloadmanager (http://freedownloadmanager.org/) It has the resume ability, for the script thing too. Plus, its free. And better than any pay trial programs I've tested in the past.
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