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    Hi All

    I understand accelerators & optimizers, My main ISP uses them for
    dial ups who cannot get ADSL ... It compresses the pictures and html
    and it is uncompressed in the users computer on the fly....
    It will work for pop/smtp mail, ftp and other type of services....
    Be aware that this type of system needs a pretty good computer
    to uncompress on the fly..... Also it can be used as a method of monitoring
    users where they go on the web and an easy e-mail tap by the ISP or FBI.

    This will not speed up d/l of files already compressed.
    Nor will it work with https encripted packets.

    I have tested my ISP's out... Personally it has it's good
    and bad points....
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    in the case of AOL wouldn't it be true that their "accelerator" would only work from within the AOL browser, if you can call it that?

    I personally only use AOL to connect, then I minimize it ane browse w/ Firefox

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